Two interesting JavaScript books

26th Feb 2020

I deleted many resources I found useful because I restricted myself to sharing only blog posts here.

I want to change things up by sharing things I found helpful. I’ll send them once a month. Let me know if you enjoy this new format, or if you have any feedback!

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

This month, I want to share two super helpful JavaScript resources with you.

Just JavaScript

Just JavaScript is a course by Dan Abramov and Maggie Appleton. It’s free!

I’m into the fourth email in this course and I’m totally loving it.

Dan talks about his way of understanding JavaScript. He shares his mental model (which is very different from mine). And I’m having fun looking at JavaScript in a different way.

Highly recommended if you already know some JavaScript. (If you don’t know JavaScript, I think this would confuse you more…).

Finally, if you need help with JavaScript, consider Learn JavaScript by yours truly :)

Refactoring (2nd edition)

Refactoring (by Martin Fowler) is a popular book for programmers. I hesitated to get the 1st edition because it was written in a language I didn’t know. The 2nd edition is written in JavaScript, so I grabbed it immediately :)

I’m halfway through it now, and I’m gaining confidence in my own refactoring skills. Bonus points: I began to understand why people use encapsulation and what the hell is “Polymorphism”.

(My story regarding polymorphism is so interesting, I’ll likely publish an article about polymorphism in future).

That’s it from me this month!

What’s the best programming book or course you read this month? Let me know!

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