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  • Zell writes articles that are always easy to follow, perfect for designers like me, with a bit of coding skills, and who think like a designer.

    Picture of Veerle. Veerle Pieters, Duoh.com
  • The quality of Zell's work is top notch. If I’m looking for a tutorial, I'll always check Zell's blog first.

    Picture of Jerry. Jerry Jones, freelance developer
  • Zell's writing is very accessible to newcomers because he shares his learning experience. He covers current topics and helps all readers level up their web development skills. Must subscribe.

    Image of Hui Jing. Hui Jing, Singapore CSS
  • Zell is a talented developer with in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies and tools. I recommend his books and articles to everyone in the web industry beacuse they're so well written and full of useful information.

    Picture of Zoran. Zoran Jambor, CSS Weekly

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