Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams


Whatever you yearn to be — be it a developer, a writer, a designer or anything else in the world — never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Your dream is something precious to you. It directs the way you want to manifest in this lifetime. And you will continue to want to manifest your dreams even if the whole world is against you.

You don’t lose your dreams even though you have “given up” on it before. They are still burning brightly within you.

Touch your heart and feel your dream. You will immediately feel a sense of earth, joy, happiness, bliss, and love. You will feel energized and recharge as you connect to your dreams.

You will feel even better as you honour your dreams.

How to honour your dreams

It’s easy to honour your dreams.

Our heart doesn’t care about whether we fail or succeed at anything. It cares that we are moving towards our dreams. It cares that we are making progress.

So you can spend a small amount of time each day — as little as 5 minutes — and you the heart will be happy. You have moved closer to the dream.

You have honoured it.

If you can give yourself more than 5 minutes, go ahead and do so! The more, the merrier.

And on the way to fulfilling your dream, you may meet some obstacles. What you have to do is overcome these obstacles.

How to overcome obstacles

You actually have no obstacles on your pathway to fulfilling your dreams because all obstacles are the construct of your mind.

That is to say, the obstacles come from you. You imagined the obstacles. The actual obstacle does not exist.

If you can grasp this you will be able to fulfill any of your dreams freely and easily.

But if that’s sounds too far away for you right now, it’s ok.

Let’s talk about a possible reality for you right now and how to overcome the challenges you face.

Most of the obstacles you face will be along the lines of:

  • You can’t understand a concept
  • You can’t apply the concept to build things.
  • You freeze when building something complex
  • You can’t find a job
  • People are faster than you
  • People say you are not good enough

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it”.

To solve the problem, you have to change you mind. And changing your mind requires a change of perspectives.

All of the challenges above can be solved by a change in perspectives.

That also means: Once you learn how to think, you will be able to solve your problems.

That’s why I’m so big on guiding you how to think in Learn JavaScript and all of my programs because…

  • When you know how to think, you know how to build.
  • When you know how to build, you have no problems building.
  • When you have no problems building, you have confidence.
  • When you have confidence you are willing to do things.
  • When you are willing to do things, you become dependable.
  • When you become dependable, others depend on you.
  • When others depend on you, they give you work to do, so you have no problems getting a job.
  • When you have a job, you feel useful. (And you can point your middle finger to anyone who looked down on you before)

Just like that.

I have good news for you if you’re struggling to get a job.


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Moving on. We know so far that obstacles are created by your mind, and you need to change your mind to remove those obstacles. The question becomes, how do you change your mind?

The simplest answer is to find a teacher you can trust to show you the way.

The harder answer is to teach yourself until you become good at something, and in the process, you change your mind through the work you put in.

I’ve done both and here’s my experience:

  • When you find a teacher you gain knowledge and depth very quickly, at the expense of money.
  • If you try it yourself you take a longer time, but you gain both breadth and depth (assuming you managed to succeed).

For the topic of web development, I went through the harder way. This allowed me to write clear articles and courses that have benefited many people like you.

Ultimately, whatever you choose — finding a teacher or teaching yourself — you still have to sit down and figure it out. Because teachers can give you knowledge, but you need to synthesize that knowledge for it to become yours.

So… Go and work on your dreams!

You will never be happy if you repress your dreams. So go work on it — regardless what others say.

When you work on it and you will find that you will be filled with joy every day. In life, it’s one of the things that matter.

When you’re filled with joy… you get somewhere you want to be without knowing how you got there.

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