Get good at the hiring game


You may be frustrated with how the industry uses “wrong” practices to filter out candidates — most companies focus on data structure, algorithm and the Big O notation as interview questions when hiring.

It’s wrong! Why? Because it’s not like developers deal with data structures and algorithm everyday, right? Shouldn’t they focus on letting someone show their project and explain their logic?! Why do they use leet code or give you a data structure for you to solve and explain when you don’t care about them?

Maybe you thought being a developer was knowing HTML, CSS, Javascript, some Git, and being able to showcase your work. Maybe you learned enough of React and Express to be able to dish out some real-world projects. But it’s not working.

Maybe you’re losing hope in ever finding a job.

You’re not the only one to face this frustration to be honest. I think many companies do the leet code thing because they don’t have the bandwidth to understand everyone’s projects — it’s easier to look at how people solve the same problem to get a handle on their coding ability.

I agree it’s not the best way to asses your abilities. I’m sorry you don’t get to show your potential with the things you created.

But the honest truth, perhaps hard to hear, is you gotta be good at the game you’re trying to play. In this case, when it comes to getting a job, you need to learn the employment game. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

It may be a numbers game. It may be depressing. Maybe you need to train up your skills, maybe you don’t.

But here’s the ultimate question. Is it worth it to become a developer? Is that what you want? If it is, then stick to it and get good.

Here are some useful articles I written before about this topic. It may help you out just a bit.

And — of course — if you’re interested in learning JavaScript, I have a course that teaches you everything you need to know about JavaScript.

Warning: I don’t explain data structures and algorithms in this course because I’m not interested in solving leet code. I’m interested in helping people build their JavaScript foundations so they can be anyone they want in the world of JavaScript.

Understand Leet Code? Check. Build anything you want without googling? Check.

Ultimately, I want to give you the power and freedom to create. If you’re this kind of person, then you’re right for Learn JavaScript. Otherwise, don’t bother checking out the course.

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