Experiment publicly


I’m going to be honest with you. This video is probably going to suck. Why? Because I’m experimenting with something new.

I’m going to tell you what I’m experimenting with, why I’m experimenting and why you should conduct your own public experiment.

Here’s what my experiment is going to be about: I’m going to record videos and upload them directly without editing them.

Why would I do such a stupid thing?

I found out that I loved creating videos, but it took too long for me to create each video. What I realized was I get too nervous in front of the camera, and I keep repeating the words I wanted to say.

So, a video that is 5 minutes can take up to 30 minutes to record and up to 3 hours to edit. It took too much time.

The experiment lets me reduce the creation time for videos, and also reduce the “camera fright” I experience whenever I speak in front of a camera.

Back to you. I recommend you experiment publicly as well. Here’s why.

You improve quickly when you experiment publicly

When I started recording videos, my videos sucked. If you watch my first video, you’ll see how the sound quality and video quality sucked, and how I didn’t know anything about lighting at all.

Over 2 months (or eight videos), I improved to a point where I am confident to produce video content for premium courses.

(Note: I won’t be producing video courses yet; that’s a future thing. Right now, I want to practice so I speak confidently and not robotically).

So the idea is, if you experiment publicly, you will improve faster than if you don’t.

That’s the end of this video.

Thanks for watching. I hope this video didn’t suck too much, and I hope it gave you the courage to experiment publicly.

If you have any questions about frontend development (or anything else), feel free to leave them in the comments below. I’m going to answer some questions over video starting next week.

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That’s it for today, happy Friday and I hope you have a nice weekend. See you next week 😄.

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