A Simple CLI for Convertkit


When I need to check a person’s details on Convertkit, I need to log in to Convertkit and search for the person’s email address. This process takes time, energy, and clicks.

I’m not in the state to check a website when I’m doing work. I want to find the person’s information quickly and get stuff done.

So I created a command line interface for Convertkit.

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The Convertkit CLI

The Convertkit CLI lets you do four things:

  1. Get information about a subscriber
  2. List tags
  3. Add a tag to a subscriber
  4. Remove a tag from a subscriber

Installing the CLI

You can install the CLI with npm:

npm install convertkit-cli -g

This lets you use the ck command.

Logging in

You need to provide your API Secret for the Convertkit CLI to work. You can find the API Secret on your accounts settings page.

Your API Secret is kept safe in your computer, so don’t worry about it leaking out :)

You use the login command to provide the API Secret.

ck login <API_SECRET>

Getting information about a subscriber

You can use the subscriber command to get information about a subscriber.

ck subscriber <email>

This returns the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. State
  4. Date created
  5. Tags
Gets a subscriber.

Listing Tags

You can use the tags command to list tags.

ck tags
Gets list of tags.

Tagging a subscriber

You can use the tagsub command to tag a subscriber. The tagsub command contains two subcommands.

  • add: Adds a tag to a subscriber
  • remove: Removes a tag from a subscriber

To tag a subscriber, you use tagsub add.

ck tagsub add <tag> <email>
Adds tag to subscriber

Removing a tag from a subscriber

To remove a tag from a subscriber, you use tagsub remove.

ck tagsub remove <tag> <email>
Removes tag from a subscriber

Contributions welcome!

This CLI is in an early stage draft. It’s not perfect yet. But I want to push this out so people (other than myself) can use it.

Here’s the Github repository if you want to contribute some code :)

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