4 Design Courses


We’re back to the end of the month. Here’s more resources for you. This time, I want to send you some design courses.

Refactoring UI by Steve Schoger

You’re totally missing out if you never heard of Refactoring UI. It’s one of the best resources for learning to design better interfaces.

I used many of the concepts from Refactoring UI in my nowadays. I even picked out a color theme from their palette when I designed Learn JavaScript’s student portal!

Learn UI Design by Erik Kennedy

This one is expensive ($1000 when I bought it), but it’s one of the best resources for learning design. Erik talks about the design process completely differently from Steve.

I only went through the introductory topics so far and I was able to pull of a pretty-nice looking thing like this for Learn JavaScript!

Highly highly recommended if you want to up your design game.

Radical Design Course by Jack McDade

Jack McDade designed some of the most unique websites I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Here are some examples: Laracon, Statamic, and Justin Jackson’s blog.

Each site has a TON of personality. It’s something I feel I’m lacking in my designs. I want to learn to create like me, and Radical Design Course promises you to teach you how to create your own design style.

I’m eagerly waiting for this one. I’m gonna buy it when its released.

Fun stuff: Try clicking on the email opt-in form!

Design for Developers by Sarah Drasner

Sarah is AMAZING at both visual design and code. She’s so good she can blow my mind around the earth TWICE. I have no idea how she became so good at the things she did.

(She can even draw things that make me go 🤯).

I never took Design for Developers, but I’d like to give this course a shoutout. Knowing Sarah, I know this course can help rewire your brain to become a better designer (even if you believe you suck at design).

How do you learn design? What’s the most helpful resource you found so far? Let me know!

I hope you found this useful. If you did, I hope you’ll share it with someone else. And feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for reading, all the best, and happy coding!

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