Positioning yourself for lucrative freelance work

You don’t need to have good skills to become a freelancer and earn a decent income.

You only need to have less than 1 year of web development experience (self-taught or otherwise) under your belt.

And you just need some knowledge of HTML. CSS, and JS — you don’t even need to know React — and you’re good to go.

The reason you think you need more skills is because of what society has told you (which is mostly untrue).

You hear things like:

  • “You need to be super good to freelance”
  • “Nobody will hire you if you’re not good enough”
  • “It’s hard to find jobs” which causes you to think it’s even harder to find freelance jobs.

These are all false statements.

If any of these were true, you wouldn’t have heard all the horror stories about lousy developers out there in the world.

The reason why you’re hearing about them is because clients were unsatisfied with their developers in the first place, which means there is an opportunity for you.

I know this is true personally because I had the opportunity to see the code of a company that charged its clients $50/hour.

And with only 3 months of web development experience (just learning by myself), I said “I can write better code than this”.

This gave me the confidence to begin freelancing instead of trying to find a job first.

Now, the best part is: the client also wanted to hire me full-time after experiencing what I could do for them, and this increased my confidence further. (I’ll share with you how to become a client-magnet another day).

What you really need is to know the freelancing landscape

You need to know who are hiring freelancers and what they hire them for.

And you have to know that people who hire freelancers are very different from the people who hire employees — so you won’t be able to find accurate information through job boards. (Those are for people who want a job).

For example, people hire others to build Wordpress websites, Squarespace websites, Webflow websites, and many others.

Some people hire others to build integrations between the software they use.

And there are, of course, many more kinds of clients and jobs out there — so many that I cannot possibly cover all of them on this page.

The good news is: once you know what these possibilities (and pockets) are, you will be able to put yourself in a position as an attractive candidate for freelancing opportunities.

This is easy to do.

So regardless of what your skills are, there is always a place for you. If you know can where that is, you can make money from it.

And once you have a freelancing opportunity, you can do something meaningful with your coding skills (instead of always trying to improve ithem without knowing how you’ll actually get to use them).

Now, the bad news is …

Nobody tells you about this freelancing landscape, so you don’t know where to start

If you search the web about freelancing, you’ll keep hearing the same old advice like finding a niche, providing value, and all those abstract things you have to do, over and over again.

But you know they don’t work, because truly, if they worked you wouldn’t be reading this email today — you would already be freelancing and making pretty good money from it.

(Did you know you don’t even need a portfolio to begin freelancing? Well, if you didn’t, now you know).

What you don’t need is another ambigious guide that gives you lots of questions for you to figure out on your own.

What you need is someone who can guide you through the nuts and bolts of freelancing — so you can start getting clients without any real-world experience, without any marketing materials, and without spending lots of time figuring out what to sell or how to sell it.

What you need is someone to show you how to get clients by just being who you already are.

You don’t need anything extra.

Last year, I held a 3h workshop on this and one of my workshop attendees got 2 clients in a single week right after the workshop. So everything I’m going to share with you is not just possible, it’s also effective.

Now, I’m going to expand on what I’ve given these folks (an immense advantage over other developers in the field) by creating a freelancing workshop series that’ll give you everything you need to know about freelancing, including and not limited to:

  • How to get your first client in as little as 4-8 weeks without marketing materials
  • How to find clients effectively
  • How to stand out from other freelancers who are competing with you
  • How to price your services in a way that clients are willing and able to accept
  • How to service clients so they want to continue working with you forever
  • How to become a client magnet so clients are automatically attracted to you
  • How you can continue freelancing without encountering the feast and famine that most freelancers encounter

Nothing held back. I’m bringing everything I know into this series.

By the end of this freelancing workshop, you’ll know how to attract clients and have so much work that you may be forced to introduce your clients to other people…

And you’ll never need another course on freelancing — because you’ll have everything you need.

I’ll tell you more about this series on the next page.

I’m also going to give you the first session for free. No charge. No strings attached, because I’m here to serve the greater community.

This first session will help you see what the freelancing landscape is like and how to position yourself to get attractive freelancing opportunities.

Find out more about the freelancing workshop.