How to join Freelancing For Developers

Freelancing is easy.

There’s a simple process you can use to get great clients, and keep great clients for life.

We’re going to share with you how to do that and more.

This workshop consists of 6 sessions:

  • Session 1: The freelancing landscape
  • Session 2: How to find clients
  • Session 3: Pricing
  • Session 4: Project structures and how to maximise your earnings
  • Session 5: Becoming a client magnet
  • Session 6: Freelancing without Feast and Famine

All workshops will be held on Tuesday, 10am Singapore time. Below are the dates for the workshop:

  • Session 1: 2 May
  • Session 2: 9 May
  • Session 3: 16 May
  • Session 4: 23 May
  • Session 5: 30 May
  • Session 6: 6 June

Workshop Fees

You can purchase the workshop through a Lifetime Purchase Option or through Dojo.

  • Lifetime Purchase — Get the workshpo and recordings and keep them for life. Only $750.
  • Dojo — Get all our workshops, recordings and access to our community to ask questions for only $100/month.

Is this going to be worth it?

Many people thought about freelancing for years before they actually did.

Many people tried freelancing for years and still do not succeed.

If your freedom, choice, and future is important to you, then consider investing a small sum of money to get help that’s going to move you in the right direction.