How to become a successful freelance developer

You can become a successful freelancer developer regardless of what your interests are.

You don’t have to “pick a niche” this early because your niche will find you — and you will be happy working within it.

You don’t have to produce amazing portfolios to wow your potential clients, because clients are usually wowed by a secret sauce (and I’m going to show you what it is).

You don’t have to commit to producing marketing content, blog posts, twitter posts and all of that nonsense because they’re simply a waste of time for freelance developers.

We’re going to show you what to do instead which is far more effective in securing clients and making them want to work with you, refer people to you, and rave about how good you are.

I’m going to give you the strategy plus the nut and bolts to help you become a successful freelance developer in any field.

The Strategy Guide

We’re splitting this strategy guide (which includes the nuts and bolts) into 6 workshop sessions

Session 1: The freelancing landscape

We’re going to give you the freelancing landscape so you can see what people can and will hire you for.

Once you know what you can be hired for, you can begin to position yourself in a way that makes freelancing possible and lucrative

Session 2: How to find clients

We’ll show you the fastest and most effective ways to find your clients, engage with them, attract them, and have them trust you enough to give you their money.

Once you know this you’ll be able to freelance in any niche with any kind of client. It’s easy once you know how.

Session 3: Pricing

We’ll give you pricing formulas that you can use at every stage of your freelancing journey.

We’ll also show you how to tackle the hardest pricing objections so you can speak to clients confidently.

Scripts are provided, so you can use them to speak confidently with your clients and show them you’re on their side.

Session 4: Project structures and how to maximise your earnings

We’ll show you how to extend the contract to include retainers and other scope of work that can dramatically increase your revenue without spending a lot more effort.

You’ll be able to take this and give clients options to choose from, and they’ll thank you for helping them think about their future.

Session 5: Becoming a client magnet

You’ll get to know how to attract clients and how to make them want to work with you forever (or as long as you want them to).

This is a simple process that you can do for every client so they become your fans and ambassadors.

Session 6: Freelancing without Feast and Famine

Most freelancers encounter a feast and famine cycle which is incredibly frustrating and fear-instilling.

We’ll show you how to continually market yourself and your services with little effort so you’ll be feasting all the way in your freelancing business.

Workshop Timings

All workshops will be held on Tuesday, 10am Singapore time. Below are the dates for the workshop:

  • Session 1: 2 May
  • Session 2: 9 May
  • Session 3: 16 May
  • Session 4: 23 May
  • Session 5: 30 May
  • Session 6: 6 June

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