Free Session — API Masterclass Workshop

I’m going to hold a workshop series on mastering APIs. This workshop is going to be four sessions long and I want to invite you to the first session for free.

And no, I won’t be pitching or selling anything in on this first session — I’m just going to give you good content like I always do, especially when I’m teaching.

These four sessions will be revolving around the following topics:

  1. Learning what an API is and how to use it
  2. Handling Authentication and Open Authorization
  3. Building your own APIs with Node
  4. Learning to use Webhooks

Date and timings

These workshops will be held on Tuesdays, 10am Singapore time.

  • Session 1: 28 March
  • Session 2: 4 April
  • Session 3: 11 April
  • Session 4: 18 April

Each session will last for 1 hour, and we will have 30 mins Q&A — so each session will be a total of 1.5 hours.

Get your free access to the first session

Just fill in your name and email and we’ll send you a link with the invite. We’ll also send you a recording when the workshop is complete.