Why I love the web


I love the web for the possibility and connection it gives.

Each one of us—reading this or not—is connected to the magical web infrastructure through our phones, tablets and desktops.

Everything is just one click away.

Everyone is just one screen away.

So we get to make a bigger difference than we think we can.

Yet, most of us shy away from this connection, preferring to hide behind our fears and insecurity. And all we end up discussing are technology stacks… (at least that’s what I see most developers doing).

I think we can do way more.

The web is a big place

We can have conversations about the topics that are important to us.

This can include development, design, building stuff, dreams, goals, music, and everything else.

We don’t have to limit our conversation topics to just “JavaScript”, or “Frontend Development”, or any man-made category that your blog seems to be revolving about.

When you give yourself the chance to explore topics, you honour your connections to each of these topics. You build a better relationship with them — and the people who may care about that particular topic.

You only have to do two things:

  1. Start the conversation
  2. Keep talking about it

But what if nobody cares?

Somebody does—and that somebody is you.

When you allow yourself to care, magic happens. You allow yourself to spread the magic we call “you”.

Even if nobody cares about what you care about right now, eventually somebody will, if you care enough to keep talking about it.

Because someone out there on this vast planet is probably going to care about the same thing as you — and the only distance between you two (and possibly many more) is that you don’t know of each other (yet).

When you share, you offer up a chance for like-minded people to find you. And when you’re connected, you’re both in a better place than before.

So start talking about the things you care about.

It’s Not Spam

What you care about is not spam.

At the very least, it’s not spam for the people who can connect with you on that angle. It’s not spam because they care about the same subject as you do.

But for everyone else, it is spam.

The people who can connect with you on the things you care about will only begin to show up if you continue having conversations about these things.

What’s more important?

Finding a connection to your passion and the people who revolve around them? Or pandering to others’ whims and criticisms?

Don’t be afraid of sharing what you care about.

It’s already spam. Yet it is not.

We stand for far more than we allow ourselves to show

The internet says you should either be this or that, not both. Put yourself into a box so others can better understand you, they say.

That’s bullshit.

People will always seek out what they wish to understand or know more of. Begin with a topic you care about and people will naturally begin to gather around it.

  • Stop limiting yourself.
  • Stop being limited by others.

Be more vocal.

Share what you care about. Show your actions on these things too. Let your magic shine through.

We’ll all be in a better place tomorrow if we begin doing this today.

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