Why I switched from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code


A student asked why I switched over from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code, and he’s wondering whether he should switch too.

Here’s a quick answer to that question.

Why I switched

I switched from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code because of two reasons.

The first reason is because I can mouse over a function to see the parameters it requires. It gives me an insight to what the function does if I forget about it.

If I want to check the source code for the function, I can click on the function while holding the opt key (on a Mac), and I’ll get directed to the code itself. It helps a lot with debugging.

This feature also works for variables; if I mouse over the variable calculator in the example shown in the video, I see Element. I can also click on the variable while holding the opt key to get directed to the code as well.

The second reason is because I wanted to teach people to setup a text editor that will help them learn JavaScript. Sublime Text was too much of a pain to setup for a beginner.

I chanced upon Visual Studio Code while exploring, and I fell in love with how easy it is to setup. That’s why I switched. I created a series of videos for you to follow along with the switch if you wish to do so.

If I didn’t want to teach people JavaScript, I wouldn’t have explored Visual Studio Code, and I wouldn’t have switched. I would still be using Sublime Text.

Should you switch?

Whether you want to switch is up to you.

I think a text editor is simply a tool. It doesn’t matter whether you choose Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code. What matters is it works for you.

Don’t switch if you’re already happy with Sublime Text. Switch only if you’re unhappy with it.

Time is limited. Spend it wisely. Spend it on things that are important.

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