Starting a podcast


I’m going to start a podcast.

But why am I starting a podcast when I’m already doing video every Friday?

I wanted to start a podcast before starting a video because podcasts seem to be way less intimidating compared to videos.

But I also wanted to teach code, and podcasts wouldn’t be a very good medium for it.

Overtime, I realized that most of the videos I put out only contain audio, so you don’t have to watch me on screen. That is true for the past 10-15 videos.

It’ll be boring if you watch nothing but me talk to you for 5-10 minutes. You can’t do anything else. You need to have your Youtube tab or Youtube app open.

I only realized that my content is suitable for podcasts when one of my students in Learn JavaScript brought it up to me. She asked why I didn’t start a podcast instead. So I thought, why not do both of them at once?

That’s why I’m starting a podcast.

Everything is still raw

I don’t even know whether the process I have to put this video into Itunes will work well. I’m testing things out.

If this podcast works, you’ll find a link to the podcast episode.

Few more things

The podcast will be called Fridays with Zell. This is the same name as the video you’re watching every Friday. This also means the video won’t change much.

I will include a link to the podcast in the video description and I will also include a link from the podcast to the video for you to switch between modes easily.

The only change is this: Sometimes I might create content that requires you to look at the screen. If I do, I’ll tell you about it.

Experimenting again!

This episode is very raw. Things are all over the place now, and I don’t have an idea whether this is going to work.

But I want to let you know because things are changing. I’m sure that things will get polished overtime.

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