Enough of the homogenous and soulless content all around the internet


I think we have reached an interesting predicament in the world today.

More and more people have begun to write for the sake of business, opportunities, and fame. Blogs and content have largely become soulless and money-oriented machines.

It has reached a point where the world has become a giant group-think. Everywhere you go on Google, you see the same content, repeated across the top 10 or even the top 20 pages — everyone echoes off others, rarely contributing original thought into the ecosystem.

This got worse now with the influx of AI content.

We have taken away the joys of thinking, writing, and sharing, and replaced that with capitalism and soulless trades.

I’m not excusing myself. I’ve been doing the same soulless thing too…

I’ve been writing to chase money by creating tutorials, hoping that people would purchase my courses.

Recently, I have found myself chasing keywords, SEO, and the long tail.

Occasionally, I find myself attempting to squeeze out attention (and hopefully some money) from frazzled and jaded readers, who’re just exhausted with the amount of information heading towards them.

I hate it.

What’s it for?

The internet seems to be heading into a cycle of consumption and capitalism that drains us both — producers and consumers — alike.

What’s the point?

Money, fame, and attention. Perhaps. Or maybe a combination of them.

I questioned my purpose for writing many times in the past, but I never allowed myself to ponder over it deeply enough. Most of the time, I drag myself back into soulless production for the sake of producing money.

Worse — it hasn’t been working. So perhaps this entire article is fuelled by my failures.

But really, what’s the point?

Even if I managed to make more money, I don’t think I would enjoy the kind of writing I’ve been trying to do…

… always trying to squeeze out ounces of attention from frazzled readers who are already bombarded by self-serving agendas round the clock.

… or trying to produce “top” content that are similar to what others have created, which is just contributing noise to the environment.

This has to stop.

Even if the world doesn’t change, I have to change what I have been doing.

When I sit down to write content for this blog, I often feel a fight within.

  • Seeking conformity, acceptance, and money.
  • Or approving my originality and the voices that are calling out from within.

Both are related to survival, so both have been important.

But I’ve got to a point where I’m so sick and tired of writing soulless content that I’ve been on the verge of quitting for years.

I cannot do the same anymore.

  • I’ve suppressed my cries of anguish for long enough.
  • I don’t want to spend the rest of my life writing soulless content.
  • I want to do stuff where my heart sings — even when I’m writing and coding because my joy and happiness are important too.

Funny story: One reason that gives me the push to create my business, is to avoid soulless work - and yet, I fell into the trap I’ve been avoiding. Ha. The irony.

Changing what I’m writing about and for…

I don’t know what will come out of this.

I have an inkling about what needs to change:

  • I’m probably going to sell less in my writings
  • I may write technical pieces and reflective pieces, or maybe even share my story here and there.
  • I’ll probably stop catering to newbies going forward.
  • I’ll probably write far more advanced stuff that I’ve been digging into.
  • I may even venture away from technical topics to exploring other kinds of content that I would enjoy and love to share.

Google will probably penalize me for being inconsistent.

Other business owners would probably say I’m doing the wrong things for not keeping my blog and business focused.

I don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing by writing this piece right now.

But who knows? Maybe I’ll attract real fans who truly support the work my soul wants to work on.

Maybe I will be able to find what I truly want to do.

Even if my business collapses in the meantime, I’m sure I can always get a job while I figure things out on the side for my writing and opportunities.

Now I’m excited.

And I’m scared.

I don’t know what the future holds.

We shall see.

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