RSS and Tags are here!

Many people wanted two things at

  1. An RSS feed (to get updates without going through emails).
  2. An easier way to browse the articles I created.

I finally found the chance to provide these features!


You can find my RSS feed on this page.

An easier way to browse articles

People asked for two features here:

  1. Tags
  2. Search

I’ve created the tags for the blog. You can find every tag on the tags archive page.

Image for the tags page

This page shows a list of tags for all my blog posts. You’ll also see the number of articles that are tagged with a specific tag.

Image for each tag page

If you click on a tag, you’ll see a list of articles. I listed only the title of each article here. I thought it’ll be easier for you to browser through everything I’ve created.

Note: This is a new UX I’m experimenting with. Please let me hear your feedback on it.

I’m going to implement search with Agolia when I find the time to. I’ll share more about it as I roll it out.

Wrapping up

I hope the RSS Feed, Tags (and Search in future) helps you discover more of this blog! :)

Thanks for reading. Did this article help you out? If it did, I hope you consider sharing it. You might help someone else out. Thanks so much!

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