Results of the restructure


A month ago I told you I made a major decision for Learn JavaScript—to restructure the course materials I created—and I’m here to update you on the results!

The results

The results were excellent. It was worth spending a more than a month to restructure the contents I had. I cleaned up the modules (made them more concise) and placed them in an order that beginners can understand easily.

Here’s what the current structure looks like.

First of all, we go through JavaScript and it’s ecosystem to help beginners understand what JavaScript is and the different terminologies that are used. We get a big overview here.

Then, we dive into the basics, even to the point where we link the JavaScript file to the HTML file.

Then, we build some components.

Then, we go into more advanced basics, then build components; learn more basics, build more components; and so on.

This process works out really well.

Before the restructure, One student, Thomas, said that module 2 contained too much theory. He could understand the concepts but can’t see how a specific concept was useful.

After the restructure, he felt the knowledge was smooth. He was able to complete components without looking at the source code. He even started to experiment with different code blocks. This is a good sign because it shows Thomas is really learning JavaScript through the course materials.

Another student, Damian, said that every module in this course is a gem; and they have done wonders for his knowledge and confidence.

These are two feedback from students who have taken Learn JavaScript, and this is why I feel the restructure has gone well.

A lesson to share with you

When you make a decision, you always have a reason.

When you look back at this decision, you know you chose correctly if the results align with your reason.

This reason doesn’t need to be countable or tangible, like money. It can be a gut feeling too. For Learn JavaScript, what was important for me was to ensure every student learns JavaScript without getting overwhelmed by the process.

Getting the structure down right is the most important part of all—even more important than completing the course.

That’s why I went back to restructure the course, and since students felt the new structure was helpful, I felt the time spent restructuring was worth it.

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