Can I get a discount?


You’ll have to pay the full fee to enroll in my courses. I don’t discount anymore, with the exception of early-bird prices. This article explains why I offer early-bird prices, and why I don’t discount anymore.

Early-bird prices

You may have noticed I offer pre-orders for my courses. If you enroll in these pre-orders, you’ll enroll at a lower price. If you enroll in later batches, you’ll pay a higher price.

For example, if you enrolled in Learn JavaScript during the first pre-order launch, you would have enrolled at $75. In the second launch, you could choose between three packages—$129, $259 and $649. People who enrolled the first launch at $75 get upgraded to the $259 package automatically.

If you intend to enroll in a third launch, you can expect prices to be higher than the second launch.

That’s how early-bird pricing works over here.

Why I offer early-bird prices

I create courses in a different way compared to most creators. When I create a course, I launch a pre-order before I write anything. This sounds crazy, but there’s a reason to it. Let me explain.

I want to make sure the courses I create are the best ones ever written on a subject. When you go through a course, you’ll be able to understand what’s being taught without getting confused or overwhelmed along the way. You’ll take home real skills and remember them for life.

To create these courses, I gather real-world questions and challenges from people like you—I’ll ask everyone who pre-ordered a course what questions they have and what would help them learn best. Then I’ll create a structure that best answers the questions they’ve asked.

That’s how courses are formed over at

But as you can see, pre-orders are risky. If you enroll during the initial launch, you won’t get to see the course immediately. You wouldn’t be able to go through any lessons yet. You’re trusting me to produce a course that’ll help you learn best.

I want to thank you for this trust. That’s why I offer the pre-order at a lower price. I promise to make sure I do everything I can to create the best possible course.

As I produce more of the course, I may release more pre-order launches. The price for these subsequent launches will be higher than the initial pre-order because you’ll be able to see more of the course; you’ll get immediate access to the lessons that are already created. Of course, since you’re still taking a risk by jumping in before the course is fully produced, you’ll also be rewarded with a lower price point compared to the final course.

When the course is completed, it would have went through multiple revisions with real students. It would have addressed real pains that you may be experiencing. You can be sure the course will help you learn the subject well (if you put in the effort). Since the course is tested and proven to work, you’ll pay a higher price when you enroll.

Sounds fair?

This process may sound weird, but that’s how I create courses.

Why are prices high compared to other books/courses

Two reasons.

Great material requires great effort to create

If you’ve read my articles, you would have felt that they were clear and succinct. In each article, I would have answered almost every question you have about a specific subject.

How did I do that?

The answer is reasonably simple. I work my ass off to create quality material. I put myself in a beginner’s shoes to explore possible questions you may have; I explain concepts in a clear and understandable manner, without jargon; I double check my examples to make sure they’re correct and error-free; I edit the text (although I still suck at grammar) multiple times to ensure you get the best possible reading experience, one that’ll allow you to absorb the information you’ve just read.

It’s hard work.

I spend at least five hours, often more, to create one article.

I triple or even quadruple the amount of effort that goes into each of my courses. I think of exercises you can do to cement your knowledge; I consider common mistakes and edge cases and explain them so you won’t get blind-sided when you encounter them; I show you my detailed thought process. Unlike most books and courses out there that are created to provide you with information, I engineer each of my courses to make sure you learn well.

I support my students fully

I’m here to support the students who have enrolled into my courses. I’m here to help my students build strong fundamentals in whatever they’re trying to learn.

My students can attest that, once they joined the community, I am there for them. I pop into our community a lot, I communicate with them, I facilitate conversations, I answer questions whenever I see anything amiss, and I generally try to keep on top of my students’ learning experience.

If you have a question about the materials I created for the course, you can shoot the question over at any time and I’ll be here to answer them until you get it. That’s my commitment to my students.

This takes significant investment in terms of time and energy on my side, and in return, you’ll get clarity and improvement. I believe it’s worth it to invest in you.

Why I don’t discount

Once the price is set, I don’t discount my courses anymore—not for students, not for educators, not for people whom may live in a country that has a weaker currency compared to USD.

Please understand this is the way I opt to run my business.

If you believe the value you’ll get out of the course is much greater than the investment you have to put in, I recommend you get my course.

If you don’t believe the course is worth your money, don’t enroll. Simple as that.

What if you don’t have enough money to enroll?

If you don’t have enough money on hand to enroll in the course, consider saving up for the next launch. Yes, it’ll be more expensive, and you’ll only be able to enroll at a later date; but you’ll have less financial worries, and you’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the course.

While you wait for the next launch, use the free materials I produce to help you become a better developer. They may help you get a better job, which can increase your income before you purchase a course too. Who knows!

If you’re in dire financial straits, don’t enroll into my courses. I want you to find a job to support yourself and your family first. Education can wait until you’ve ensured everyone in your family doesn’t starve on the streets.

Wrapping up

You’ve read why I charge high prices, why I offer early-bird pricing and why I don’t offer discounts for my courses.

If you’re ready and willing to invest in your growth, take a leap of faith and enroll in one of my courses. I’m here to support you on your journey.


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