My CSS of Late


As I transition from a “Web Developer” into someone who just wants to build applications, I’m realizing that I don’t like to dig as deep into the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript anymore.

Instead, I just want to combine them in ways that will make my next job — building stuff — easier.

My explorations recently have been revolving around this area, primarily with Splendid UI (for JavaScript and interactive elements) and CSS Layout Patterns (for the way I write HTML and CSS).

As my explorations continue, I begin to see that CSS Layout Patterns is simply a subset of what I wish to create for Splendid UI.

It’s the layouts part of it.

Ultimately, I want Splendid UI to become a system that I can use to quickly and efficiently, and be able to build websites flexibly without having to conform to external systems (built by others) that make my developer side cringe.

I don’t like writing CSS recently — but not because I hate CSS…

I’m discovering that I’m writing lesser CSS — the more time I spend writing CSS, the more frustrated I become.

And I find that I feel this way because I’m trying to put things into a system that’s easy to use. So when I find myself creating custom code for any website, I become infinitely irritated.

Well, nothing much I can do about this now. Just got to do the work and create the system.

Speaking of the system, I discovered that

There are four major parts to CSS:

  1. The layouts part
  2. The typography and colours part
  3. Interactive states
  4. And fancy effects

CSS Layout Patterns explores the layouts part — and from this exploration, I can already see gaps in all four parts in the solutions out there on the internet.

I think I can close these gaps for myself — and maybe for you if you’re willing to jump into this weird journey with me.

To be honest, I’m tempted to assemble these four major parts into Splendid UI and call this “Splendid CSS”. (Ah, that just sounds splendid, doesn’t it?). Anyway, if I do this, CSS Layout Patterns will simply be called Splendid Layouts in the future. But this sounds like a far-ahead future that I don’t really dare to imagine at this point.

(I already explored several fancy effects in Splendid UI. I really like them, but I just haven’t released them yet).

Explore the HTML and CSS I’ve written

Without giving away too many details, I want you to try and explore what I’ve created so far — to do this, just go to Learn JavaScript and inspect the source code.

Look at the classes I’ve written:

  • Wrap
  • InnerWrap
  • Vertical
  • SplendidGrid
  • Masonry

(There are plenty of others too).

This website uses the newest system I’m creating in CSS Layout Patterns. If you like the way I structured my HTML (or the classes), you’ll probably love CSS Layout Patterns.

I guess that concludes my newsletter for this week.

I’m trying out a new blog and newsletter format

Instead of always trying to tee up my own products and creations, I’m just writing a friendly note — down to earth, like I’m writing to a good friend of mine.

I’m gonna share thoughts, perhaps frustrations, and updates about my projects, and maybe more.

Hope you like this.

P.S. This issue is much more expressive, freeing, and joyful to write compared to previous ones.

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