Giving away 10 copies of Learn JavaScript


I want to start 2021 on a good note by giving away 10 copies of my JavaScript course, Learn JavaScript. This course will help you become great at JavaScript within a short span of time. The usual price for this course is $495, so I’m gonna give away $4950 worth of value.

Rik Schennink is also joining me and giving away 5 lifetime Hobby license for his amazing Image Editor plugin, Doka. Each hobby plan is priced at $149, each year, so Rik is giving away a ton too!

How to join the giveaway

Joining the giveaway is simple. Everyone who has joined my email list will be given an equal chance of obtaining one copy of Learn JavaScript.

I will randomly select 10 winners from my email list on Wednesday, 13 January, 2021. I will then privately email these winners and let them know they won. For the rest, you’ll receive an email saying the giveaway has ended.

If you haven’t signed up for my email list yet, simply scroll to the bottom and enter your email there. Alternatively, use this form here.

Joining Rik’s giveaway

If you wish to get your hands on Doka, then you’d want to join Rik’s giveaway as well by signing up for his email list on his giveaway page.

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