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Welcome to my little place on the internet. I’ve been designing and building websites for a few years. I had the privilege to:

  1. Help over 100,000 developers a month through my articles.
  2. Make super in-depth courses like Learn JavaScript and Mastering Async JS.
  3. Give talks at conferences (like this and this) and workshops in lands far away from where I live (a tiny country called Singapore).

Here’s a little story of how I got started.

People think you need degrees to “make it” as a designer or developer. You don’t. I started with nothing.

  • No computer science degree
  • No design degree

I came from a Finance background. I was afraid to code. I thought coding was something I would never be good at (even if I died trying 😨).

I only started learning to code at 25 years old (one year before I graduated from university) because I didn’t want to work in a bank when I graduated.

I found a freelance job 10 months after I started learning to code (while I’m still in school!). And I freelanced ever since then.

That’s crazy!

Yup! I know! It’s been a hell of a ride. Here’s two more things I never imagined I could do (but I went ahead did them):

  • Wrote a programming book 2 years after I started coding 😱
  • Gave a talk at a conference 3 years after I started coding 😱

It’s amazing how far you can go when you don’t stop yourself. You’re much better than you think you are. This statement is for both of us.

My story just proves that you can learn to design and code too.

How I can help you.

I taught myself how to design and code. It was HARD. So I understand what you’re battling with: Lots of information and no direction.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

First, I know a lot about the web since I’ve worked in it for so long. I constantly reinvent my techniques as new technology appears, and I’m more than happy to share my technqiues with you.

Second, I’m insanely practical. I only teach techniques and frameworks that I use. If you’re worried about keeping up, just stay along with me and I’ll help filter the important stuff from the fluff.

Third, I write concise and clear tutorials. I explain all fundamental concepts and jargons you need to know. I’ll help you bridge the beginner-advanced gap so you level up enough to explore the advanced zone without feeling lost and intimidated.

I help you bridge the beginner-advanced gap

If this sounds any interesting, I invite you to leave your name and email below.

Zell is a solid front-end developer who cares about mastering tools and technologies. He does excellent research on front-end technologies and has a great down-to-earth and enthusiastic writing style.

Louis Lazaris, Impressivewebs.com

Zell is a talented developer with in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies and tools. I recommend his books and articles to everyone in the web industry beacuse they’re so well written and full of useful information.

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