About this website

I created this website to share things I learned about designing and coding so you don’t have to struggle and stumble like I did.

You’ll mostly find tutorials about frontend and backend development (mostly HTML, CSS and JavaScript related) on this site. Occasionally, you’d also hear me talk about design, marketing and lessons I learned from life.

People who followed me so far were kind enough to say some awesome things about my work:

Zell’s writing style, content, and thoroughness is fantastic. I’ve been around long enough (20 years) to remember that getting expert, well written, and thorough help on new topics was just about hopeless. The small percentage of people like Zell who go out and become experts on topics and then work hard to teach others like me are the reason that software these days is so much easier and fun to write.Eric Gaut

In addition to writing here, I have also written for amazing publications like CSS Tricks, Sitepoint and Smashing Magazine. Just to add one more bit to the credentials soup, I’ve also spoken at CSSConf.Asia.

Zell has written for SitePoint, where I edit HTML and CSS, and I’ve also read his material on his blog. He does excellent research on front-end technologies and has a great down-to-earth and enthusiastic writing style. He’s a solid front-end developer that really cares about learning and mastering different tools and technologies. Louis Lazaris, Editor at Sitepoint

A little more about me

I started learning to design and code when I was 25. It was incredibly difficult at first because I had no background in design nor development. I came from Finance.

I often got stuck since I was weak in my fundamentals. I’d find myself spending hours reading Stackoverflow answers and tutorials on other blogs to try and overcome my problems.

Life’s not rosy, unfortunately. It’s tough to find good answers and tutorials. Most articles out there were either too high-level, or too beginner-oriented. Too few articles focused on applying concepts to a real-world situation.

I got so fed-up that I started writing soon after. I wrote tutorials that I wish I could have read. Tutorials that are so easy to understand that a beginner can apply things that were taught immediately.

I also wrote tutorials that are practical. I wrote about things I learned, and how to apply them to a real-world context, which you don’t see very much on the net still.

Where to go next

There are many places you can go from here. You can explore my blog, check out libraries I made and read books I’ve written.

You can also check out the projects I’ve done if you’re interested in working together with me.

Most importantly, if you want to read thorough, well thought-out articles that’ll help to improve your design / development skills, leave your email below so I can share more with you.

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