Getting keyboard-focusable elements

If you create JavaScript widgets, one of the key parts to accessibility is managing focus.

To manage focus, you need to find keyboard-focusable elements.

Multi-line gradient links

When I saw the CSS Tricks redesign, I was hooked. I loved the links with gradients. I told myself I’m going to use gradient links for my next project.

That’s what I did for Learn JavaScript’s course portal. The links look like this:

Blue color link with blue underline. When hovered, the text has an orange to yellow gradient; underline becomes solid orange.

I want to share what I learned about creating gradient links

Year-end review: 2019

2019 has ended. Once again, I want to conduct my year-end review in public. This time, in a lot more depth and rawness compared to the previous years.

Mongoose 101: Population

MongoDB documents have a size limit of 16MB. This means you can use subdocuments (or embedded documents) if they are small in number.

For example, Street Fighter characters have a limited number of moves. Ryu only has 4 special moves. In this case, it’s okay to use embed moves directly into Ryu’s character document.

Ryu's document.

But if you have data that can contain an unlimited number of subdocuments, you need to design your database differently.

One way is to create two separate models and combine them with populate.

Mongoose 101

Mongoose is a library that makes MongoDB easier to use. It does two things:

  1. It gives structure to MongoDB Collections
  2. It gives you helpful methods to use

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Mongoose on a basic level.

What to do if you’re struggling with a Bootcamp

Bootcamps are fast-paced learning environments.

Most people who enroll in a Bootcamp do quite well when it comes to HTML and CSS. But many people struggle with JavaScript. Some even get depressed about programming because they can’t understand JavaScript.

If you’re one of these people, I want to let you know that you’re not alone. I receive emails from people like yourself occasionally.

Here’s one I received from Seth.

Email says: I joined this coding bootcamp mid August and I was so much green to programming. I was really motivated and have been having so much interest in programming for quite a while now. I have been learning Javascript since I enrolled and I have grasped a little concept but right now I feel like QUITING, AM GIVING UP on coding. I don't feel the motivation anymore like I no longer get what the facilitator is saying. I really dont feel being in that bootcamp anymore.

Understanding Homebrew

Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS. It lets you download binaries, packages, and applications with a single command.

In this article, I want to explain how to use Homebrew.

Protecting and syncing secret keys

You should never expose API keys or secrets. If you expose them, you might get into trouble. Once, I almost had to pay an excessive amount because my friend leaked my Amazon API key by accident.

What’s the amount? I can’t remember, but I think somewhere between $20,000 to $60,000. Thankfully, Amazon waived the charges.

It’s big trouble if you expose your API keys. So don’t expose them.

The best way to protect your API keys is to use environment variables.

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