How to write a good coding article

A good article shows a student how to think through a problem. The student will go “oooohhhhh!” as they read through the article. They’ll understand the concept they’re trying to learn, and they’ll stop searching the web for the same topic.

Lousy articles do the opposite. Students get more confused as they read through the article. They may even wonder if they have what it takes to learn programming.

It doesn’t take much to turn a bad article into a good one. The content can remain the same. You only need to get five factors right.

Setting up a Git Client

Today we’re going to talk about Git. You’re going to learn what is Git and how to setup a Git client on your computer.

The key to teaching

A good teacher has many skills.

They know how to communicate well, They know how to explain things, they know how to tell if students are confused. They also know how to tease questions out of students.

There’s a never-ending list of things to get good at if you want to teach well.

But there’s just one thing that holds them together. If you get this one thing right, everything follows.

Starting a podcast

I’m going to start a podcast.

But why am I starting a podcast when I’m already doing video every Friday?

Where to find people to teach

You can teach anyone who wants to learn what you already know.

You can find these students in many places, both online and offline. Here are a few strategies you can try.

Visual Studio Live Share

Today I’m going to share with you an awesome plugin that lets you live code with other people. It is called VS Live Share.

What we’re going to do today is to setup VS Live Share. I’ll also show you how to start a collaboration session and join a collaboration session.

What to do when life shits on you

My wife got hospitalized today.

We never expected this to happen. Last night, we came back happily from eating a Wagyu beef buffet. It was great. My wife left the restaurant smiling from eye to eye. She was completely satisfied with the meal.

But this morning, she felt breathless. She didn’t have the strength to move around, and she felt her heart was beating so strongly that it almost beat out of her chest.

So she went to the neighborhood clinic…

And the doctor told her to go to the hospital.

Finding mentors

We usually think of people when we think of mentors.

But that’s a mistake.

Because mentors don’t have to be people.

How to get CSS values in JavaScript

CSS alone is not enough sometimes. You might need to control your CSS values with JavaScript. But how do you get CSS values in JavaScript?

Turns out, there are two possible ways, depending on whether you’re trying to get inline styles or computed styles.

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