Compass Vertical Rhythms

Vertical Rhythms are part and parcel of good web design. Although they are important, they can be an incredibly chore to calculate.

Luckily, Compass has a great vertical rhythm module that helps clears this mess up.

Understanding CSS Box Sizing Property

The box sizing property is the single most useful property I have found ever since I started making websites. Border-box is the key to most website layouts simpler, to the point that even frameworks like Boostrap, Foundation and Susy use it.

In this post, you’ll get to understand what this property is, and how it might save you countless hours of frustrations for your next website.

Understanding Wordpress Actions and Filters

Wordpress action and filter hooks are what makes Wordpress incredibly extendable. These hooks are very easy to use if someone else has already wrote them, and you just had to hook something in. Understanding how they work is another matter entirely.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through my personal understanding of Wordpress action and filer hooks after a few hours of experiments.

How to find the Wordpress CSS File

A theme bought off the marketplace can never be 100% what you intended your website to look like. There are always small things that you want to change.

Travis asked me a question on finding out where to edit Wordpress theme’s CSS files and I thought I’d just share it you.

If you had bought a Wordpress theme and wanted to change how the website looks in some areas, this post is for you.

How to Quicken Wordpress Development with Grunt JS

A couple of days ago Chris Coyier’s post regarding Grunt JS on the 24ways blog got me interested in playing with Grunt JS again. I’ve tried tinkering with Grunt but I never gotten it to work correctly for me. After reading Chris’s post and two more days of tinkering, I manage to come up with a configuration have helped hasten my wordpress development dramatically.

A Complete Tutorial to Susy (Part 2)

We have gone through the absolute basics to Susy in the previous week and looked at how to create complete layout grids simply just by using the span column mixin.

In this post, we’re going to explore other parts of Susy that lets you easily push or pull your content block left or right. I’ll also share with you how responsiveness is built straight into the Susy framework.

Lets begin by looking at some of the padding and margins mixins available to us.

A Complete Tutorial to Susy

Susy is a plugin to Compass that allows you to create customizable grid frameworks easily. It makes responsive design extremely easy by removing the need to manually calculate widths.

If you need to create repsonsive websites do not want to constrain your design with available frameworks out in the open, Susy might be the perfect answer.

This is the first of a two part tutorial that covers the basics of Susy.

In this tutorial, we are going to install Susy, set up Susy defaults and understand how to create the 10-column complex nested grid AG test found on the susy website.

Why color pickers and palettes are bad for you

Color is one complicating element that is very difficult to get correct when designing. While scouring the web in search for methods to learn select colors for my designs, I inevitably find many articles about picking colors with tools such as Adobe Kuler, palette galleries like COLOURlovers.

While all these are great methods, they ironically may hinder our learning and workflow much more than they help…

Wordpress 101 – 5 critical things you need to know to use Wordpress effectively.

People who have used Wordpress for ages all say that it is extremely to use. Those who are new to wordpress, however, dont usually think that way when they first set their eyes on the backend.

I felt the same way when I first started with Wordpress. Stuff just gets easier and easier to do overtime and I learnt more becoming a theme developer.

In this post, I’ll like to share with you the very basics of setting up a wordpress, and talk about 5 critical things you need to know to use Wordpress.

After knowing these, the things such as changing your navigation menu and creating a post would be a walk in the park.

Let’s jump into this real quick.

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